The Scenic Byway Experience

Minnesota's Superior Scenic Byways

The Superior National Forest, the beautiful harbor town of Duluth, our stunning North Shore Drive along Lake Superior, and the wild and remote Gunflint Trail. Each of these unique Byways is a treasure among the nation's scenic routes. Minnesota's Superior Scenic Byways offer an intimate look at four distinct regions. Don't let their proximity fool you: each Byway explores unique ecosystems and lifestyles, with plenty of enjoyable activities and scenery to experience along the way.

Use this site to explore any or all of our four beautiful Minnesota Superior Scenic Byways. Each Byway is illustrated in an easy-to-follow map that offers interactive features, including recreational opportunities, cultural or historic sites, information centers and various attractions. Just click on these or other topics under "Interactive Map Features" on the left-hand side of each Byway page, and you'll find the locations and a brief description of sites in each category. At any time, click on the Communities heading, or on the community "dots" on each Byway map, to link to their web sites.

The maps within this site are not intended for navigational use. Rather the maps are intended to give the viewer a taste of the numerous recreational, historical and cultural activities available along each route and to provide links and additional information for each of these highlighted activities.

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