The Scenic Byway Experience

Duluth Skyline Parkway

Overlooking the lovely port city of Duluth, the Skyline Parkway offers travelers a rewarding, bird's-eye view of the harbor and the endless shoreline of Lake Superior. Recreational opportunities on neighboring trails and in local parks make this drive especially refreshing. Enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing and picnic areas along the way. Observation points at the steepest and highest points of The Hill provide picture-perfect views of the city, the lake and all many exciting activities that take place here. At the northern end of the Byway, Hawk Ridge is an excellent vantage point for watching migratory birds in spring and fall. Keep an eye on our sparkling harbor for a spectacular sight: a massive ore boat gliding across the lake, bringing its cargo to port. For a delightful photo opportunity, try to catch a sunrise while you're here. You won't be disappointed!

Duluth Skyline Interactive Route Map
Duluth Skyline Parkway Interactive Route Map

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